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    Dates to be finalised nearer the time. Come and see our Annual Exhibition; meet and talk to some of our members to find out more about HHPS! Location: Marlowes shopping centre, Hemel Hempstead. (Open during centre hours.)

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Two years on ...


Hi everyone, this is the last blog from me as my two years of office have come to a close. As you know this was my second term of office, I have enjoyed the responsibility but the second term has been tougher, primarily because of the tremendous amount of change that has taken place. First off we lost the dark room and had to find temporary storage, but the end result was good, giving us a much improved storage place for our equipment. This was followed by more disruption as we were removed to St. Mary’s Church Hall for three separate periods of time; thankfully we are now back home. Another major change was having to split up the role of internal competition secretary and subsequent changes to the committee. Also the digital group changed into the TnT group.

Another major change has been the website, after loosing our brilliant webmaster Taj we lost our way, but thankfully we have devised a way (which will cost us some outside investment) of getting the site refreshed, renewed and updated –I am hoping that this will be in full swing by the start of the next season.

I have to say that the work done by the committee members during these changes has been really appreciated they could not have been done without their complete dedication to the club and its members. Not forgetting the contribution from non-committee members such as Sophie Saunders and John Marshall who both continue to regularly do much work behind the scenes.

There have been many good moments one being our President reaching the age of 90 which we celebrated with a cake –and now I discover he has been in the club for 50 years –I intend to recognize that at the presentation evening-according to Mavis his wife he has only missed about six meetings in all that time –what a record!

This last year we performed the best we have for many years in the External competitions –judging by the great results at our annual exhibition commentary I have great hopes that we may well do even better in the coming year. During the two years we also had some members get commendations in the North West Federation competition

We have now formulated a policy for encouraging younger members and have a strong set of guidelines to help us deal with any serious contenders in the future. We have, for short periods of time, over the two years had three interested younger people- and the son of one of our advanced members enters some of the projected image competitions so we have made a start.

We have spent some of our accumulated savings and updated our laptop to a Mac Book Pro, which in combination with our existing projector and HDMI connectivity will improve our projected image presentation.

During the term we have inevitably lost some members, but the good news is we have gained some really enthusiastic new members who have all done well in competitions-Congratulations to them.

I believe the club is still in good shape –I know you will all give Ully your backing in the next couple of years.

Best wishes to you all and thanks for your support.