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Chairmans Blog April 2014


Another month has gone by but it now looks as though we are going to enjoy some fine weather to encourage us to get out and get shooting.

The new programme for next season is almost complete. Some members of the club have asked for more “TnT like evenings on Monday evenings, to this end Mike has dedicated eight evenings for this to take place. So next year will be a year of experimentation, whereby individual committee members will be staging something different on these occasions, most of which will be of a practical nature and hopefully some will involve practical involvement by members. Please remember to feed back your thoughts on this change –if you like it we can make more room in the programme in future years.

Younger members

Having carefully discussed and considered feedback from members the committee decided that as we do not have an issue with members under 18 at present it did not make sense to make any alterations to the club constitution at this time.

As a result of the discussion and consultations we have a set of guidance notes to help us should the issue arise in the future, we are having a disclosure policy drawn up and have produced a special application form for the under 18’s which provides for parental approval.

The 2014 AGM

Please can you submit proposals for the AGM with a proposer and seconder to Secretary Linda by 14th May 2014?

Also please see Linda for nominations forms for next year’s committee. Known vacancies are Vice Chairman, Internal competition secretary (projected images), projectionist and member representative, and Webmaster.

It would be great if we could have two or three people to train up for the projectionist role –we need one on the committee but others can be ordinary members.

Congratulations to Emma Kranz for the truly excellent edition of Viewfinder “Looking up” as Stuart was away on business Emma filled in to produce the last issue. I am hopeful that Emma will step into the role when Stuart steps down this year. I am sure you will all agree she will be a worthy replacement to a fantastic editor who has kept us well informed for the last couple of years.

As you are well aware various things have not been quite right with the club website, what is really needed is some expert and knowledgeable input –we have not got that inside the club at present. This month the committee agreed to get expert help from outside and as a result we have now appointed someone to update, simplify and rebuild the site.

The annual exhibition entry procedure.

I will be contacting every member individually regarding this, because we have had to split the role of internal competition secretary, a different approach will be needed. A special entry form will be provided for you to list all your entries (Colour Prints, Black and White Prints and projected images all on one form). On the form you will be able to specify which special trophy you want to be considered for. The last date for entry will be 28th April 2014. Cathy has kindly agreed to collect all the entries and deliver them to the judge.

Lastly the good news –Builders permitting we will at last be able to return to our old venue on 12th May 2014